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RTTTTed On November - 6 - 2010


Viper Coupe or Tofor ‘Smartcar’?

by Ted Hlokoff



My favorite North American sports coupe is the Dodge Viper.  Because North America is so large and normal speed limits are 75 mph throughout most of the United States accidents are less likely to happen than in Europe where traffic is all congestion. 


Unfortunately, the accidents happen at higher speeds when they do happen.  The Dodge Viper is built to go much faster than 75mph.  The 08 Viper ACR became the World’s Fastest Production Road Car summer of 2008.  Engineering is an absolute necessity for the speeds this coupe is designed for.  I personally head-on’d a loaded Semi with my Viper GTS and walked away without a bruise.  However the Viper top speed is over 200mph and that high speed engineering, massive brakes and humongous tires are all necessary to compliment this machine.  With its V10 producing 600hp this coupe means business and will get you wherever you need to be anywhere on the continent quickly and comfortably.   The modular space frame is extremely strong and safe.  Not only is the Viper the world’s fastest production car, but it’s one of the fastest stopping production cars!


The owner of the Blue/yellow Tofor above told us that he’d modified nearly everything about his smartcar.  At nearly triple the cost of a deluxe Tofor, the owner told us that this car should be capable of nearly 120mph … although he hadn’t managed anywhere near that speed yet.


Things are different in Europe and their coupe love comes through in the Mercedes Smartcar coupe, easily recognized because of it’s ‘evil grin’ style of grille.  With many roads narrower than a Viper’s width, a smaller car is needed.  With seldom more than 50kph/30mph speed limit a large engine isn’t considered necessary.  With grid lock and bumper to bumper traffic considered ‘normal’ the Smartcar is a popular choice.  Seating two this coupe can turn 90 degrees into a parallel parking spot in the city and 2 Smartcars fit into 1 Viper’s parking spot.  Contrary to popular belief, Europeans are proud, not embarrassed by their little coupe.  Bragging a whopping 46mpg these ‘cute’ little diesel cars will go twice as far on a gallon of fuel.  It just takes a long time to get there.  The standard Smartcar is equipped with a 46hp diesel that moves the little Smartcar quickly … according to European standards.  Now being approved for sale in the US the engine will be swapped out for a ‘huge’ 75hp, 3 cylinder gasoline engine because of us power hungry North Americans.

Although most families in North America have 2 cars (often a coupe and a SUV), in Europe families NEED two cars to take their small (4) family anywhere.  Larger families can have 3 coupes.  It certainly is an excellent idea that these cars will park sideways, 2 in one parking spot!  Europe ran out of gas during the Second World War and people that don’t get over 35mpg are sometimes victims of ‘hate crimes’.  When you see European cars that get bad gas mileage you’ll notice the owners live in Castles with stone walls and drawbridges. 



While the Washington Viper Club was attending the Grand Prix Race at Belle Isle, VOI X Joe Christopherson was seen checking out the Smartcar Corral.  Should he … keep his Viper, or trade for two Smartcars?




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