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RTTTTed On November - 6 - 2010

The purposes of this webpage are for education and entertainment.  Mainly centered on Viper information and stories doesn’t mean that some of the experiences and knowledge learned from and with other cars is different. 

If you have a good story or feature article to submit for publication, please email it to me and perhaps we may all share your experiences.

Some of these stories and articles are just fun experiences and other contain driving tip and or power and parts upgrades knowledge and suggestions. 

I’ve written most of these articles for magazines and most of these were published in, Viper Magazine and Cdn Hot Rods and Classics. 


My automotive experience started when my driver’s license still had wet ink on it fixing brakes.  After a few "can’t fix it" I decided that since I normally had to figure out automotive problem myself anyway, I might as well do all my own work.  I bought a few books and a lot of tools.  I spent a few years building custom show cars and more than a decade building drag chassis etc.  I ran my own shop for a little over ten years and when the drag strip disappeared I participated in Street Racing (only in reasonably safe enviroments, of course).  Modern days I do not recommend anyone participate in acceleration tests on public streets.

Ted Hlokoff


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  1. jorj7 says:


    I enjoyed meeting you at the 2011 Silver State Challenge. I hope you
    did well. We were red flagged before we started so didn’t get to
    make our run at 200 mph. Here’s a photo of our cars in the parking
    lot of the motel.

    Supercharged 1990 Porsche 928S4

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