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RTTTTed On November - 18 - 2010

Dream Shopping


by Ted Hlokoff


Ever dreamed of 10 min. free shopping in a Speed Shop?  I know I have, and last week it came true … sort of.


8:45pm, I ran into the garage and looked around.  SS Headers, new bigger Turbochargers, bigger injectors, 3” exhaust pipes, power drills, grinders – everything you could want in your garage.  Brand new performance parts for your car.  A nitrous oxide kit, 5 & 9” grinders and tools that you have to have in your garage.  I knew that I had about 10 min. to grab everything I wanted and it was all free!  Whatever I could load into my pickup, parked outside was mine.


First thing I grabbed was a new pair of 15G twin turbos and a set of Stainless Steel Headers for them.  In the garage was a mint ’92 Dodge Stealth R/T TT with the keys hanging from the ignition.  I knew that whatever I wanted in that garage was mine to take, so I threw the Turbos, headers and a few other choice parts into the car and drove it out of the garage.  Mine, all mine, I thought as I ran back into the garage to grab some more free parts.



I found a set of standard wrenches and a new Mastercraft cordless ½” drill.  I ran out the door and threw them into my truck.  Back in the garage, grabbing a 9” angle grinder my concentration was interrupted by a voice, “What are you doing?”  A Ministry of Forest employee was standing in the doorway.  I ignored him and carried two grinders past him and threw them into the back of my pickup.  He caught on and started grabbing stuff off the walls and throwing them into my truck.  After filling my arms with more stuff I bumped into Art (my employee) while he was grabbing stuff off of the floor.  I also ignored him and ran as fast as I could, another armload of parts and tools out the door and into the pickup.


The next load was electronics, tachs, gauges, new speakers and other stereo stuff. 


There was a ladder and choice stuff up in the loft, I slammed the ladder against the edge of the loft and ran up the ladder.  Polished 3” intercooler pipes and elbows, a 14” Makita metal cutoff saw nearly leapt into my hands and I jumped to the floor halfway down the ladder to save time.  I raced through the garage to the door.  I banged my knee, hard, on a Shelby muffler pipe that was leaning against the wall and ignored it as it crashed to the floor.  I was after the top dollar stuff, not the tidbits.  The next trip up the ladder I ignored used Turbos and pushed them aside so that I could drag the new Nitrous Oxide kit box closer to me.  I grabbed that and leapt down the ladder again.  I knew my time was up.



“That’s it,” I screamed.  “Everybody run.”


The Forestry guy was standing beside a mig welder.  “Does this work?” he asked me.


“Of course.” I replied.


He was off, running down the driveway pulling the 250 pound  mig welder and dragging the large Argon Bottle that was connected to it by a small rubber hose.  I caught up to the 100 pound Argon Bottle and started dragging it alongside the welder.  Looking back at the garage I saw Art running with a 5hp air compressor and a brand new compression tester in his other hand. 


I told the Forestry guy, “Thanks.”  I screamed at Art, “Go get your damn car, would ya?”


Then I ran to my pickup and move it away from the building that was, by then, completely engulfed in flames and ashes were everywhere.


My fantasy/dream comes true?  Never had I dreamed that my garage was going to burn down, or that I was going to have a total of only 10 min. to get my stuff out before the rest became a puff of flame.  It was my garage and everything was free because I’d already paid for it.  With the heroic help of an employee and another “car crazy” guy I saved a lot of stuff, parts, tools and even one of the nicest car I’d ever owned.


Watch what you wish for, you may get it!



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