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RTTTTed On November - 18 - 2010


Show Cars and Cowboy Country

by Ted Hlokoff


First Car Show of the  year in the Chilcotin is the Laker’s  Spring Round-up, May 30th, after all the ranches Cow Branding had been accomplished. 

Even after sitting for 6 months the 440 in my Duster fired as soon as fuel got to the carb.  I’d decided that I wanted to sell the Duster to a good home.  I wasn’t having any luck selling my car on the Internet.  The only attention I seemed to get from my internet ads was a dozen companies phoning and offering to sell my Duster.  Of course it would cost me $95 – 250 for their services.  “But Sir, we’ll sell it and you obviously can’t,” one guy informed me.  After wishing me bad luck with selling my car, I certainly wasn’t about to donate ANY of my money to a voice on the phone, especially a scammer/con artist.  I decided that the Duster needed the exposure of a car show to sell.  $20,000 for a $32,000 car should be an easy sell … it wasn’t.

A few years ago I’d spent months doing a perfect job of body preparation on my Duster.  I’d replaced quarter panels, cut and welded patches in the floor, and then I’d sprayed the Hemi Orange Acrylic Enamel.  I designed black stripes and panels to enhance the looks by blending into the bodylines of the car.  My paint job even won me the award “Best Designed Paint and Striping” award at a show in 2004.   This car I’d designed with TTI in chassis 2” performance headers and an exhaust system shaped like an H.  Interconnector pipe (connecting the exhaust pipes together near the collectors and downspouts in front of the rear axle was the design I used.  With a firewall behind the back seat this design was legal and NHRA approved in every region I’d checked.  With Flowmaster 44s welded into this exhaust it was the nicest sounding car I’d ever built.  I uploaded Videos of this car launching on  for your enjoyment.  I have more than 72,000 hits for this video.

Back in 2002 was the winter I painted this car.  I parked my Duster in an open garage in the back yard for a few months while the paint hardened.  I bought a couple riding horses and installed them in the back yard corral.  Two days later I found Horse teeth scrapes on my trunk lid and Horse crap beside my front wheels .  One of my Horses had backed into the garage beside my car so he could ‘dump a load’ at the back of my garage.  Guess he showed me who was master of the corral?  I moved the fence thirty feet back from my driveway.  That left only 5 scrapes in my brilliant Hemi Orange paint.  

Getting ready for the Car Show this year I sprayed another trunk lid for use with the 70’s style spoiler I’d half built.  I prepped my ‘Horse bite’ with Lacquer thinner and applied the mixed paint to the grooves in my trunk very carefully.  The next day the paint had cured and the scrapes/scratches were invisible.

I washed the wife’s Hemi Ram and the Duster then loaded the old Duster onto my car trailer.  Kendra and I headed out early Saturday morning to get to Williams Lake by lunch.  It usually took me about 3 hours to drive the 200 miles of Hwy 20 in my car.  There was a lot of Deer activity in the West Chilcotin this spring and I didn’t want to hit one while towing, I allowed myself extra time and travelled the speed limit of 62mph. 

Cruising Highway 20 started OK as the wife’s new Ram 1500 Hemi drove nicely and towed extremely well.  Unfortunately, there was Cows on the road.  I had to keep doing emergency turns to the other side of the highway or drive through brown gooey trails of Cow pie materials.  Not wanting to spray brown chunks all over the wife’s new truck or my pretty Big Block Duster I swerved all over the road.  To no avail as car wash time was as soon as the Duster came off the trailer.  Both the Hemi Ram and my Duster were covered with “brownies” and required scrubbing to remove the chunks.  Commercial pressure washes are all ‘hard water’ and leave white spots covering the car … even the “spot free rinse” leaves spots on the car.  Oh well, not much can be done about that.  I did use some old towels to remove most of the water before it had a chance to evaporate and leave the white spots behind.

My daughter, Kendra, and I drove to the Stampede Grounds looking for food.  The Lakers Car Club provides BBQ and hotdogs to participants of the Poker Run and Saturday Parade.  Unfortunately, Kendra and I were late and missed out.  We were informed that the Drive-in would start at 9:30pm so we left, checked into our Motel and ate at Mickey ‘D’s. 

Back at the Stampede Grounds the Drive-in was set up and the parking lot was filling with cars.  The screen of the portable Drive-in was a Blow Up screen with an air pump that kept it in shape.  The projection unit was part of a small enclosed trailer and provided its own power with a generator.  My daughter had never been to a Drive-in before and she enjoyed the novelty.  The movie was, of course, American Graffiti.  Donations were the entry fees and the Children’s 104 Charity did well that evening.

The Car Show morning was sunny and nearly 200 cars attended the William’s Lake ‘downtown’ show and shine.  It was difficult to see the economic woes of the economy represented in the quality of the automotive selection on display.   A Sun (yellow) colored Superbird was on display beside 2 – 1970 Hemi Chargers from Washington State in one area of Second Ave.  Beside a ’70 Dart and a purple Duster was parked a 2009 Challenger R/T, also from Washington.  Although the Washington Mopars had travelled approx 250 miles to make the show, the 1974 Dart Sport parked beside the Challenger had travelled 700 miles from Calgary.  A Silver 1946 International pick-up on display was in transit from Burnaby to Fort Saint John, BC.  The owner had purchased the pick-up and was driving it home to Ft. St. John. 

At the Motel I saw Bob Slade and his wife, a friend of mine from Surrey, BC.  He’d been attending a conference in Prince George and stopped for the Laker’s Roundup on his way home.  Bob’s turbo’d and customized Dodge Stealth R/T took home first place for ‘90’s cars. 

A massive trike was built from roll cage tubing and powered by a small block Chevy.  The rear end was equipped with a Ford 9”.  When I looked for the radiator I found the coolant plumbed through the tube frame to a radiator in the rear.  Excellent design and tastefully executed, this creation won the Custom Bike class.

People’s Choice went to the Classic ‘70 Hemi Charger.  There was so many prizes for the Women’s Poker Run that the president handed out 2 trophies and asked all the woman participants to go to the counter for the rest of the trophies.  More than 80 trophies, prizes and awards were handed out

As 3pm rolled around all sunburned participants collected their trophies and started their respective journeys home.  Some went north to Quesnel while others travelled farther north to Prince George.  Washington Mopars headed south with their passports.  After loading my car back onto the trailer I made a stop at Canadian Tire and bought supplies for my General Store, Anahim Lake Trading.   I headed west to the land of Cow poo and “meadow muffins”.  No trophy for Ted this year, but I’ll be back!


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