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RTTTTed On November - 21 - 2010

When One Is Not Enough – and other excuses


by Ted Hlokoff



If you owned a Roe Racing supercharged 2001Viper GTS with 750rwhp, then you’d also need an 802rwhp Paxton supercharged 2000 Viper ACR … wouldn’t you?


Even if you think your Macedo Motorsports Viper is the Ultimate Supercar on the road, might a Macedo built Paxton Viper be better?  Running out of modifications to add to my Roe GTS could be considered a reason to buy another?  An ACR is a better car than a GTS, right?  I wonder…


Until I bought a supercharged GTS I have always been a Classic 440 Muscle Car guy.  I built all my own cars and 11 sec quarter miles were the norm.  When I discovered that a Z06 Corvette was nearly as fast as my 440 Duster Pro Street car I bought a supercharged GTS to make certain that no vettes would be anywhere other than my rear view mirror.


Winter in the West Chilcotin area of BC means awesome snowmobiling or “Cabin Fever”.  During a cabin fever dayI found a thread on the VCA forums for a  Supercharged ACR with 802rwhp.  This ACR was built by Macedo Motorsports in Florida, same builder that did my Sapphire GTS, so I sent emails to Larry Macedo asking about this Red with silver stripes ACR.   I bought a carfax report that read all good.  Larry explained the 2 Nitrous bottles under the hatch and how he’d upgraded the fuel system, where he’d mounted the hidden Paxton fuel pumps, the Walbro and the “Chiller” system.  The water/methanol injection system used the windshield washer bottle filled with windshield washer would supply both the supercharged engine and clean the windshield. 


Larry informed me that the Paxtons usually made 580-600rwhp with a safe tune and 802rwhp ‘on the bottle’.  I decided that I could buy the ACR, add a few items, fix one or two things and sell at a slight profit here in Canada.


At VOI X I had met Eddie Martin, Viper tuner extraordinaire  and he lived in Phoenix where the ACR was located.  I searched my desk for his business card..  I phoned Eddie and asked him what he knew of the ACR.  He said the car was a ‘good’ car, he’d done maintenance and the car had no serious problems.  Emailing Casey, I asked that Eddie do an inspection on this ACR


I was thinking that it was a good time for a holiday when my Mother-in-law called and said that they were going to Palm Desert, California, only 265 miles from Phoenix.  Deana’s Aunt suffers Cancer and was having a tough time.  Deana had originally decided it would be good to get rid of me for a week, now she decided that she’d like to go along. 


Eddie called me, his inspection showed 3minor problems and the leak-down test showed the engine to be in new condition.   We shopped for plane tickets over a couple days, found the best deal and then dumped our suitcases into my Stealth R/T TT.  I drove us the 565 miles to Vancouver Airport.  We made a stop in Williams Lake and arranged the money to wire transfer with the bank.  Plane flight and bank arrangements were not easy tasks, but we got them dealt with. 

Casey picked us up at the airport in his VW.  The ACR didn’t get much of a test drive because of the bald rear tires.  No tire smoking, no burnouts and only a ‘blip’ up to 150mph, then slow down and park the car back in the garage.  We did the bank paperwork and then, finally, time for lunch.  Red Robin is excellent for providing big, fast meals when you think you’re starving to death.  I’d paid Casey for the ACR and he paid for lunch.


I called Eddie Martin during lunch to order tires.  Eddie offered me a set of PS2s that were more expensive than what I had anticipated, but as I said, “OK,” Eddie paused and said,  “Too late, they just went out the door.”  It took 3 days to get the tires to Phoenix by “next day freight”.   At least the bank received the wire transfer before lunch the next day.    I drove my new ACR to the Bank for the title transfer, then Casey’s insurance agent and the DMV. I spent an hour sitting in a plastic torture device they call a chair to buy the registration permit.  The tires wouldn’t be in until Friday so we had to wait another day.  I asked the staff at the resort if I could borrow some utensils to wash my new ACR and they happily obliged me.  Friday morning I faxed the US Export paperwork to the Blaine border crossing.


We ate lunch near Eddie’s shop at Luke Dodge, then waited most of the day.  Eddie gave me an ECU connector I needed for my 01 GTS and took me for a test ride in a new ACR.  Getting near to closing time on Friday, Eddie called UPS and told them to bring the tires “Right Now!”  The tires finally arrived and we drove out of Bill Luke Dodge into rush hour traffic.


 I’d brought my Escort 9500i radar detector for speed cameras and pasted it to the windshield.  I read that Arizona is being called the “They’re watching you” state.  My new ACR had the right power connector hardwired near the mirror.  Viper Red with silver stripes, my ACR looked fantastic as we ‘sped’ down the freeway.  The Venom spoiler at the rear added to the supercar look and helped keep the rear tires planted to the ground at speeds above 100mph.  Leaving the gas station I knew the most common word to describe my new ACR was “pretty”.   Nimpo Lake was 36F when we left, here temps were 88-90F during the day in Az. and Cal requiring use of the a/c.  Many thumbs up and phone cameras were waved at us while driving to Palm Desert.   Once we arrived at the gated community where Deana’s Aunt lived, the guard gifted us with a week long permit – without being asked.  He said, “I hope I’ll be seeing that car around.”  The  EBC Green brake pads had dusted the chromed BBS wheels so I got out the hose.  Washing the wheels a couple walking by asked me, “Ferrari?”  I replied, “No, this is a Dodge Viper, much faster than a Ferrari.” 


We enjoyed visiting Deana’s Aunt and Uncle for a few days.  We decided Laughlin was our next stop.  We’d heard that “what stays in Vegas is your money.”  Laughlin was less than 20% cost for rooms and 40% for buffet diners at Harrahs, Edgewater and the other great Casinos.  We gave the ‘one armed bandits’ all the money we were saving on our room and food costs.  With room charges of $23 a night we could have stayed much longer, but I’d entered a Targa Rally and a few days was enough, I tossed our 3 suitcases back into the ACR and we ‘hit’ the road. 


We drove to Harrah’s Casino in Vegas and checked out Toby Keith’s “I Love This Bar and Grille” where Deana posed with a realistic looking cardboard Toby.  Asking for the car museum we were directed to the Imperial Car Gallery.  $15 each to walk through about one hundred cars.  With 5 Porsches, 3 Shelby’s but NO Vipers, I was disappointed.  



We ate lunch at Denny’s and headed North.  Living in the mountains of BC it was a little disconcerting to see that the highway was straight.  I watched the road closely, waiting for it to take the expected turns.  Nothing, hundreds of miles seldom a turn.  I found that each time I looked at my speedo it was reading near 100mph.  I saw something hitting the windshield – snowflakes!  It was warm last time I gassed up the car.  We could see snow in the mountains beside the highway, I rolled the window down and it was cold!  That night we stopped in Ely, Nevada.  When I checked the car at midnight there was a 1/2” of snow.  Scary, but morning brought sunshine and clear roads.  During breakfast I sent an email to the Border asking if my paperwork was approved.  At 6,000’ of altitude snowflakes can be expected as well as the occasional winter storms.  We found that out as we drove  the high desert through a Blizzard or two.  Scary is driving a Supercar through a Blizzard with Z rated tires!


Yakima, Wash. was the stop that night.  We rented a room and I had internet access again.  Blaine had ‘lost’ my paperwork.  Resending the paperwork (Friday night) would mean that we would need another 72 hour waiting period.  Not including the hours of Friday, Saturday, Sunday but starting on Monday at Banker’s hours.  We could cross the border after Thursday morning.  The 72 hr waiting period was going to take 6 days.  Arggh!



We called fellow VCA member Joe Christopherson in Seattle and told him that we were accepting his invitation to come by and visit.  Arriving at Joe’s he allowed me to use his hose and I washed my ACR, then helped Joe finish washing his Mini Cooper S.  Joe’s Sapphire/silver ACR was getting a nose paint.  Joe took us to “Claimjumpers” for dinner and we got more than we could eat.  The regular 45min. wait was explained when we sat down and received our food.  For desert Joe ordered a piece of 12 layer cake – to go.  The box was about 4” x 6” x 10”.  His plate of ribs came with another plate for the potatoes and veggies.  Doggie bags were required.



Sunday morning Joe took us to LeMay Car Museum in Tacoma.  Over 300 vehicles makes it one of the largest car museums in the world.  Unfortunately, no Vipers again.  Then Seattle’s Pike Market , Car Toy’s store for some ill-fitting door speakers (which I modified), dinner in an Irish style Pub and back to our Hotel.  Monday, Joe went back to work and I called Paul Roland, ex-Wash VCA President and we visited Paul and Barb in Olympia that afternoon.  Paul had sold his ’05 VCA SRT10 to another VCA member, Sean Westerman of Western Canada.  It was out getting a detail.  Wow, after buying my ACR first thing I did was wash my new car.


Charley Reid had sent me a PM that he would bring his spotless Black ’05 SRT10 out into the rain to show us Snoqualmie Falls.  Tuesday, I called Charley, punched his address into our GPS, threw our suitcases into the ACR and drove through Seattle to Charley’s house.  The rain had stopped for awhile so Charley dropped his top.  An hour’s drive through residential rain forest was scenic, as Charlie had promised, but time to put his top back up.  The Falls were spectacular and we hiked down to the old power station.  We scoped out the gift shop and had a bite at the Resort’s restaurant, then headed North in the rain.  We drove I-90 following Charley until he turned off. 

We continued our journey, stopping in Bellingham so that Deana could spend more Canadian dollars.  Only 1 more day until we could cross the border.  At the Bellingham Best Western Hotel I ‘whined’ about the price to the attractive receptionist.  She liked my car and found a $20 coupon that lowered the price.  I love this car, it saves you money on Hotels!


Thursday we finally were allowed across the border and the paperwork was finished when we arrived.  We had an excellent Holiday, got tans, bought a new supercharged Viper, met some old buddies and new friends.  The Viper people that helped with this ACR purchase and trip were excellent.


On the Canadian side of the border we drove Vancouver Int. Airport to pickup my Stealth R/T TT.  We’d left it in weekly parking and after plugging the electronics back in so that the car was driveable (my free anti-theft system) to Kamloops and visited with a couple of my kids.  I let Meridee (daughter) do a burnout and then got her to videotape me doing a burnout with the car for the sound and performance it has.  No Nitrous Oxide or Chiller system as this is how the car normally drives on 91 octane and 600rwhp.  The Chiller and Nitrous Systems will boost the hp all the way to 802rwhp/930bhp with just the flip of  a couple switches.  After Kamloops weather was good, until 100 Mile House (yes that is a city name) where it started snowing and the roads were covered with sand and gravel (new antiskid road coating). 


We drove tandem the 250 miles home to Nimpo Lake and the weather stayed nasty.  We arrived home late and went to bed.  Looking out the window the next morning showed the lake still frozen over and my new ACR had a half inch cover of snow.  I drove the cars closer to the house and washed them before putting the ACR in the garage waiting for the snow on the ground to melt.




I did quite a bit of work cleaning and improving the car.  My work was good enough that May 29th Lakers Car Show the ACR scored First Place trophy!

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