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Mission Father’s Day Car Show ‘08 Ted Hlokoff That’s not a Black Cherry ‘vette, is it?  Reading the signboard the car was a 1963 ‘vette with ’99 C5 chassis, driveline, interior and doors.  Perfectly blended together and although beautiful, unrecognizable as a Corvette to most modern younger people.  Parked in an unobtrusive spot in the middle of a Park meadow, surrounded by hundreds of equally expensive custom builds was where I found this Washington owner’s representation of the perfect vette. […]

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    Staring Into the Face of Death             Ted Hlokoff         The Grille of the Freightliner filled the passenger side window, framing Deana’s face. Spinning out at 60mph we slid down the wrong side of the highway towards a head-on collision with a Freightliner pulling a loaded 50’ trailer.       Deana and I had flown to Chicago’s O’hare Airport and driven as far as Georgia shopping for the ‘perfect’ Viper GTS.  Not just a Viper GTS, but a Roe Racing […]

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