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RTTTTed On January - 21 - 2011

Mission Father’s Day Car Show ‘08

Ted Hlokoff

That’s not a Black Cherry ‘vette, is it?  Reading the signboard the car was a 1963 ‘vette with ’99 C5 chassis, driveline, interior and doors.  Perfectly blended together and although beautiful, unrecognizable as a Corvette to most modern younger people.  Parked in an unobtrusive spot in the middle of a Park meadow, surrounded by hundreds of equally expensive custom builds was where I found this Washington owner’s representation of the perfect vette.

Many of us ‘Car Guys’ try to support our communities by attending Charity Car Shows.  Very few trophies are offered, we put out extra effort to attend this show because the money collected is offered to Charities that we feel are important; Children’s Hospital, Heritage Parks Society of BC and Canadian Cancer Society to name a few.  The weather was great and around 1500 ‘Car Guys’ showed off their rides for this year’s event in Mission BC.  Antiques, resto-mods, Classics, Muscle-cars , Exotics and some stuff that drove there that I couldn’t even classify abounded at the Show this year.  Entrants pay a $5 admission fee while the public was admitted for donations.  Viewers attendance was around 125,000.

I drove my highly modified 2001 Supercharged Viper the 500+ miles from my tiny resort village of Nimpo Lake, BC so I could add my support (and money) to the Viper Club’s Western Canada part of the show.

I left home Saturday morning and drove the 9 hours during the daytime arriving in Chilliwack before dinner time.  Looking for a room Saturday evening I drove past a hundreds of cars parked along 4 blocks of an industrial area in Chilliwack, BC.

 After finally finding a sleeping room on the third attempt, I drove back to the conglomeration of cars I’d seen.  Hot Rod Classics was putting on their own show in Chilliwack, BC.  Ahhh, nostalgia, free coffee, donuts and a Burnout contest … it doesn’t get more ‘old school’ than that.  The burnout contest went on most of the night at the blocked off, dead end road beside the building.  I believe the winner of the burnout contest used up 3 sets of tires earning the trophy. 

There, I met Jon Balzer, he asked if I’d open the door of my Viper GTS because his son wanted to look, and was thrilled with the car because it was his dream car.  I opened the hood, then the door and invited the seven year old to sit in the driver’s seat.  He couldn’t see over the dash, but isn’t that one of the ways our dreams get started?  My 1000hp Viper dream started when I was 2 years old and my Uncle Mickey stood me on the driver’s seat of a 1950’s MGB GT, after 3 hours they had to peel my fingers from the steering wheel so he could go home.   Jordan Balzer was much less trouble as he spent a few minutes sitting in the car then viewed under the hood and posed for a picture.  I’m not sure who appreciated the car more, the son or the Dad.  Jordan seemed a little overhwelmed, but his Dad, Jon was lovin’ it.  The audience was treated to a show of driving skill as a ’69 Camaro RS spun donuts in the parking lot for five minutes without hitting anything, while ‘writing’ on the pavement.

This Car show is operated by Early Ford V8 Club, Fraser Valley Group #127, Pacific Model A Ford Club and two local chapters of the Vintage Car Club of Canada.  17th Annual “Old Car Sunday” is technically the name of the show although all years and types of automobiles were represented and the name being used at this time was “Father’s Day Car Show”.  I suppose that we could say that after a year all cars are OLD?  At least that’s how it looked at the park on Father’s Day this year.


Fathers, Sons and even daughters ranged all over the park’s meadows trying to take in the beauty of the endless sea of sparkling machinery.  Always friendly, the A&W Rootbear was there – playing with the kiddies and wandering around the park.  Live bands played on the podium and at 2 pm it only took 15 min. to hand out the awards to the best of the show. 

The show was well attended and many unique vendors displayed there.  I bought a 16” x 11”  lithograph of several Vipers for under $25.  That vendor’s display had hundreds of paintings, sketches and in various forms of display.  Available were frames and just by asking there were many other pieces of art tucked away inside a trailer on site.

My son, Travis, his fiance and half a dozen of his friends followed me to the Show.   Lindsay got the Viper’s passenger seat, going to the show with me.  Like last year, Fred Kappler was the Viper Club host and again gathered all the Viper owners at Mission’s Tim Horton’s Coffee shop early in the morning, then parade them (us) to the Park to display all the Vipers in the same row.  Fred drove his Viper to the show.   His wife, Eloise, and daughter, Melodie, drove Fred’s 430rwhp PT Cruiser loaded with a tent, drinks, sausage and hot dogs.  It was good to speak with Gord Roberts and the other Club members I knew from the year before.  This year Doug Seal brought out his Venom 650R that was reputedly to be John Hennessey’s personal test Viper. 

11 Vipers were in attendance at the Father’s Day event.  Also about 7 Corvette Club members and 7 Shelby Mustang Club members showed up.  Every car imaginable was represented from a Museum quality 1915 Pace Arrow to one of the “original economy cars”, a 1956 single seat Messerschmidt. 

The owner/publisher, Terry Denomme, of Hot Rods and Classics magazine had a display and I spoke with him at length.  Later, I sold him a story entitled, “The Strangest GTX” which he published.   A quality magazine Terry travels across the Country to gather the pics and stories for his magazines (

Another great show, with more than 1500 cars and many thousands of dollars donated again.  About 3pm several of the Viper Club cars had already left so we helped Fred and his family pack up so that we could head for home.  As we left the park I turned the nose of my Viper GTS to the East and started the long trip home to Nimpo Lake, BC. 

With a “fast food stop” and coffee fill I drove the 500 miles home without any issues, arriving about 3am.  My Viper attains 20mpg (us) so I only stopped to gas up at Williams Lake on my way home.  I parked my Beast in the garage and went to bed. 


                                                                                                                       – the end –

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  1. rick stewart says:

    great page. thanks for your time and effort..sweet car also
    Iam going to make the trip over from vancouver island this coming
    fathers day in my 47 mercury 1/2 truck . hope to see your viper in person.

  2. Jim Tait says:

    Great story as usual Ted; thanks for keeping our club events on the radar. Will Fred host another event this year? I want to include it in the news letter to VCA.

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