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RTTTTed On July - 12 - 2011


                                                       Father’s Day/Supercar Sunday


                                         –         Ted Hokoff


Sometimes Father’s Day is for Dads to celebrate the children. Like Sunday (June 19th), it was time for us “Viper Dad’s” to enjoy ourselves while donating our time and money to help Children’s and Hospital Charities. 


Many large Automotive car shows are for various Charities.  This show was for a half dozen charities with the main benefactors being the Children’s Hospital in Vancouver and the local Hospital as well.


Western Canada’s Viper Club Dads help out with this by attending the Mission Father’s Day Supercar Charity show each year.  Fred Kappler, his wife Eloise and his daughter Melodie use Fred’s 400rwhp PT Cruiser and his Grey 2009 Viper coupe to bring a tent, cooler and BBQ to this event.  The Kappler family spends the day spreading good will and feeding Viper owners, kids and guests hotdogs and smokies.


My wife, Deana, and I attended the 2008 Car Show with the Viper Club. On the way home we hydroplaned and head-on’d a loaded Semi because of horrendous rainstorm.  Although the only person hurt in the wreck was the Truck driver – Deana has been reluctant to attend the Father’s Day Show with me.


This year I had planned to attend the show with my 2000 Dodge Viper ACR.  Paxton supercharged and Nitrous equipped to 802rwhp by Macedo Motorsports.  Unfortunately, BC’s new insurance laws disallowed temporary insurance.  I had to change cars and wash my Roe Racing supercharged 2001 Dodge Viper GTS instead. 



To protect the paint I clipped on my vinyl bra for driving the 500 miles to Mission.  In the morning on Saturday I kissed the wife ‘bye and headed east along hwy 20.  Unfortunately, the river was still overflowing the highway at the Puntzi Lake turnoff. 



Again I waded through and luckily there was no misfires the rest of the 200 miles to Williams Lake.  McDonalds provides me with sustenance for my journey to the Fraser Valley when I’m alone.  Washing my car was wasted as the rain started less than an hour into my trip and it continued lightly for most of the 500 mi. drive. 


At Alexandria bridge, I pulled into the rest area and drove a paved lane into the trees.  The lane disappeared into the Rainforest as if I was driving into a fluorescent green tunnel..  In that surreal landscape I parked beside a meadow and walked around with my camera taking pics from different angles. 




Then back onto the highway heading south to Chilliwack, BC.  The rain finally stopped and the road dried up around Hope, 20 miles from my destination..  I prefer to drive the less travelled, more scenic two lane highways as compared to the divided highways that have the same slow speed limits so I turned onto hwy 7.  Rounding a corner the road in front of me was blocked by flashing colored lights.  My SRX radar detector had not given me any warning or safety messages, so I thought,’ perhaps an accident?’  Canada doesn’t seem to use the safety radar signals as the States so my detector didn’t alert me to any safety issues.  When I arrived at the road block there was 3 Richmond Police Motorcyles, 2 Richmond Police Cars and an Ambulance escorting a group of bicyclists down the highway.  I waited for only a few minutes before the Police started moving the traffic down the side of the highway past the cyclists.  Another weekend Charity event?


When I got past Hope I called my buddy Reg Manke to see what he was up to.  “We were gonna go to check out a Car Show in Chilliwack, but I hear it’s raining like crazy,” he said.  I told him that I was close to Chilliwack and it was dry so I’d call him back after I got there.  I planned to attend the same car show (Hot Rods and Classics) that he was thinking about. 


It was still dry when I turned off the Freeway at Lickman Road and drove the 2 blocks to Hot Rod and Classic’s shop.  I was greeted at the driveway by a gent wearing a florescent traffic vest and he asked me if I was going to stay.  I told him, “I’ll be back.”  I turned away,  called Reg and headed  1 exit east to a Car Wash.  I’d used all my coins to wash the bugs from my car in Williams Lake.  Bug guts are caustic to automotive paint so I do my best to wash the bugs off as soon as I squish them.



I drove back to the Hot Rod’s shop and managed to get a parking spot at the front of the lot.  I wiped the waterdrops off of my car with a microfiber cloth and wandered around looking at the machines on display.  There was about a hundred cars in the display lot and three times that number parked up and down the street.  The side street that was the shop’s secondary entrance was blocked by a forklift.  Every so often a car would drive around the forklift and do a screaming, smoky burnout.  Richard, the owner, was quite a driver and earlier years I’d seen displays of his skills at donuts and drifting in the old shop.  He took his ancient 30s pickup and without using the 500hp Nitrous system he burned off his first set of tires doing donuts then drifting up and down the skinny 2 lane road.  I had no interest in putting on a show as MY Viper could easily lose control before you could lift your foot off the throttle.  Besides, I figured that 1 mediocre first gear burnout was worth about $150 worth of tires.  On the way home I did stick my Gopro camera onto my quarter-panel and do a burnout, strickly for video and on a 4 lane highway.



Richard ended his evening early with a plugged fuel filter, which was too bad.  He definitely put on the best shows.  An El-camino, a couple of V8 S10s, a ’67 Dart and a couple Camaros did several brake stands and burnouts.  The best was the tubbed Dart with a 340 that sounded like a big block.  Reg, Elaine, Curtis and their son-in-law all made it to the show .  We had a good visit and they stayed until dark.  I left while the live band was still playing and headed a block away to the Best Western for the night. 



Morning came early as the Vipers were to meet in the Mission Tim Horton’s parking lot just before 8 am.  Plan was to “Coffee up” and off to the show as a group.  Doug Seal owns Willowbrook Chrysler and has BC’s largest group of Vipers for sale.  This year he brought an ’08 Orange SRT Viper and a clean customized Prowler out.  A new Viper owner showed up in a Silver GTS and we introduced ourselves.  Then it was time to drive to the Park for the show.




I helped Fred and the girls set up their tent as soon as we parked because it was raining, again.  Gord Roberts had brought some chairs and we set those up.  It was obvious that wishfull thinking wasn’t working as Gord Roberts was walking around in shorts and sandals.  We laughed about it, but I certainly didn’t offer him my pants.  After a couple hours Fred started to BBQ hotdogs while Melodie buttered the buns. 




After all the Viper owners had ‘dined’ Fred offered the ‘leftovers’ to children and then everyone walking by the Viper Club display.  I’d been to one of these car shows and the entire park was filled with cars, this wasn’t it.  The rain had kept many fair weather friends at home.  The park was half filled and many thousands of people walked through. 



As a group we try to present enough Vipers to help attract donations for the various Charities represented.   Stuart and Gord Roberts are 2 Vipers that show up to the show every year.  Doug Seal seemed to adopt this event and was appearing at this show even in the rain the last couple years.  This year a couple of new Viper owners came out.



Being entrusted with some of the ‘famous Timbo’ artwork creations I had deliberated on who deserved recognition for efforts towards Viper and the old Viper Club.  Since I’d joined Fred Kappler and his family had hosted the Father’s Day Supercar Sunday each year.  I presented Fred with a 6” emblem similar to Fangs, which was the logo for Fred’s 2009 SRT10 Coupe.  For Eloise and Melodie’s efforts I gave them keychains symbolic of the new Gen 5 ‘Stryker’ logo.  These logos were different than Dodge’s design and I liked Timbo’s better.


One of the reasons I attend car shows is to keep up on new advances in automotive technology and find new, “must have” upgrades and modifications for my supercar.  This year ( had top quality HID/High Energy Discharge lighting kits on sale for under $300.  While looking over my Viper Vlad pointed to my Chinese HID ballasts and showed me that they require 20 amps of power from my 10 amp wiring system.  His HIDs offered the same output, but with instant startup and only a 5.5amp draw.  One big upset for me was that my HIDs require nearly a minute to provide full lighting.  Fred Kappler and I spoke with Vlad Fadeyeff, their top engineer and he described  his latest project – 10mm LED/Light Emitting Diode headlight systems!  Vlad had solved the heat sink problem using Space Shuttle materials and patented the process.  He told us that he’d “keep us in the loop” with access to his LEDs once he starts manufacturing next year.  I look forward to being one of the first in the world to installing the best and newest lighting system ever invented. Imagine, next year I’ll be installing a piece of the Shuttle in my Viper. 


Early afternoon, with the rain still falling we packed up and everyone started leaving.  I pulled the vinyl bra out of the trunk and attached it for the drive home. Again I stopped in Williams Lake and washed the bugs off of my car. 



These tunnels are near the China Bar Tunnel where Mercedese filmed their "Roll over" Commercial for the new SLS model.



The river overflowing the highway near Puntzi Lake had lowered and one lane was clear of water.  By the time I arrived back in my yard the bra was a muted beige/brown from all the squished bugs and my windshield was only clear because of the constant rain that allowed my wipers to scrape the bugs off the glass!  I took this picture before washing the car on Monday morning.  Another great trip for "me and my Viper." 


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    Thanks for keeping in touch. One of these years life will slow down enough to join the club in some events again.

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    Thanks for read and the pics! Beautiful roads and scenery … not to mention the cars.

    So Vipers DO run in the rain? :-)

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