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RTTTTed On July - 28 - 2011


Viper Holiday at Casa Ted’s


Screaming down the highway in our machines our aerodynamics were compromised, I was sure, by the layers of dead bodies smashed to the front of our Vipers.  At speed our Vipers crashed through clouds of blood sucking mosquitoes, the scourge of the wild. 


Terri and Trevor Cameron were good ‘Viper’ friends.  They were finally going to drive the 800 miles from New Serepta, Alberta to Nimpo Lake, BC for a visit.  We met in Quesnel, BC.  We cruised south heading down hwy 97 to Williams Lake.  This was scary looking in my rear view mirror, but no tickets!


With the Tait’s and he Kappler’s we left Barkerville in the sunshine and stopped at Jack of Clubs lake so that we could shoot some pictures of our Vipers.



But, first we needed to clean a few bugs off my windshield.  Mmm, yummy!



Now we’re ready …






 Fred and Jim left, but we stopped at the top of a pass to shoot a few more pics at a Lookout. 



A few hours later, Coffee was served at Williams Lake A & W, where we met up with the Tait’s and Kappler’s and said Goodbye.  We lost the sunshine at Williams Lake and drove under cloudy, overcast skies with an occasional shower.  I was fine with the rain as it allowed the wipers to scrape the bug guts off the windshield and kept the dead bugs on the front bumper soft.   At city limits there was a large lighted sign that read, “Hwy 20 closed at Heckman Pass”.  This assured that there were no tourists because the sign didn’t say where the Pass was.  This had the effect of turning most tourists away from Hwy 20 so there was no traffic.   Leaving Williams Lake we crossed the Bridge over the Fraser River and stopped at a lookout point halfway up the Sheepcreek Hill and tooks ome pics looking across the Valley



Williams Lake is the east end of highway 20, the west end being the Pacific Ocean at Bella Coola.  25 miles before the Bella Coola Hill (steepest highway in N. America) is Anahim Lake, the location of our General store (Anahim Lake Trading) with home being Nimpo Lake, 13 miles before Anahim.  “Casa Ted” is located on the North shore of Nimpo Lake, BC.  Facing into the sunshine and the north end of the Southern Coastal Mountain Range creates a unique view of the world where you can’t see the taxes and other sociological issues.




 Arriving home before 9pm meant that we had  time to relax with the Satellite TV, fresh coffee and a bottle of wine (Red).  Deana jumped into her pickup and drove to our store to pick up some groceries, and bottles of wine.  Deana cooked and dinner was served.  Owning a General Store does have its advantages, a closed store means that we have to go in the back door instead of the front.  Trevor, Terri and I walked through most of my garages checking out the collector cars.  There was an 802rwhp Viper and a ‘Green Go’ 71 Demon 340 in one garage.  Another had several engines, a Venom spoiler, headers hanging from the walls, a racing snowmobile, ported heads, tools and parts everywhere in a workshop that is the Sapphire Viper’s home.  Although there was a Hunter Green Stealth TT parked in the yard a third garage had a Black Stealth TT parked inside it with tools on the fenders.  In the yard were several snowmobiles, an 18’ boat, couple trailers, Dodge junkyard in back of the shop and it was obvious that 7 acres was needed.  But the Lake full of fish was spectacular.




We chatted until about 2am, then "Hit the sack."


Monday morning was about sleeping late and haphazard breakfasts, coffee all around.  We loaded the boat trailer onto the Truck and backed it down our boat launch into the lake, then took the boat out for a 3 hour cruise.  I don’t have a dock so when we saw the many Docks along the shorelines of the bushes I got a little excited.  Unfortunately, they were tied up in protected areas so they were not “Free Pickins” as I’d hoped.  We ran around the perimeter of Nimpo Lake and stopped at the Vagabond RV Park’s Wild Trout Coffee House for a beverage before turning the bow homeward.  Trevor commented that the fish were jumping all over the lake, but in front of my house seemed to be the favored spot.  Owning the biggest General Store meant that we had marinated Porterhouse steaks in our fridge, ready for the Barby when we got home. 


That evening we shared our photo albums with the Cameron’s.  Trevor and I discussed different photography methodology.  I showed him some lenses I’d bought and my latest camera, a Canon 40D.  Bed time came too soon.  No hurry waking up on Tuesday, but we did anyway.  Breakfast was bacon, eggs, raisin and whole wheat toast along with penis butter – oh sorry, that’s what Terri called it, lol.


After breakfast Trevor was testing my super-zoom lens on his Canon Rebel in the yard.  I looked up and an immature Bald Eagle was in the tree right in front of my house, so I ran inside and grabbed my camera too.  Trev and I shot Eagle pics for about 15 – 20 minutes and managed some excellent Eagle flight pics.  Trevor managed to get some better pics. 



The girls went to the store and then phoned to say they’d be a little while.  No problem, Trev and I were washing bugs off the Vipers and then brought my clean ACR out of the garage.  We parked the three Vipers around the yard and shot several hundred pics of our cars in various spots. 





Digital is cheap.  After we’d parked the two Red Vipers in the middle of the driveway the girls came back. 


“Jump over them,” was Terri’s idea.


“This is a 4×4, so if Evil Knievel could make it …” were Deana’s thoughts. 


I suggested that they just drive the trail past the well.  Seeming disappointed, the girls drove the trail through the yard while Trevor and I moved our cars to a new spot for more shade pictures.



Later, I wore my “Grillin’ the Food, Toastin’ the Competition’ Viper apron given to me by Timbo while BBQing hamburgers.  




We sat on the patio until the mosquitoes drove us inside the house.  We watched a Car movie called “Drive Angry” that night.



 Next morning I was in the shower before 7am and everyone got up early.  We couldn’t drive down the famous Bella Coola Hill because it had a massive boulder and 3 rockslides blocking the road.  So we had lunch at the Nimpo Café and drove to the east end of Precipice Valley, which is the end of the Bella Coola Valley.  We visited Hotnarko Falls where a misstep could result in a drop of a 1,000’ fall.  We drove past the Sawmill and I explained to Terri what “pecker poles” meant.  Driving the “Beef Trail” we showed them the Beetle kill. 





Trevor had hosted “Viper Jollies in Jasper” ( last year and had tried to support the Viper Club for which he was owed (another story).  I showed Trevor my “Timbo Artwork” and Trevor felt that they were so fantastic that he had to own one of the pieces.  A truly amazing key holder was wrapped carefully and now adorns a Viper house in Alberta. 


We spent the rest of the evening sitting on the patio and drinking wine.  Well, they drank wine and I did the coffee cup.



The Hwy east of Prince George was closed due to flooding and probably another washout, but going the southern route through Canmore was only 80 miles longer.  Getting up next morning Trevor loaded up the ‘ole SRT and headed east.  They left in the sunshine and although rain was predicted, only a few showers were experienced during the 13 hour drive back to New Serepta.  Driving through a time zone they still made it home by 11pm that evening after a pleasant cross country drive. 


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  1. Trevor Cameron says:

    We really enjoyed this trip and got to do a whole lot of what we love to do…. drive the Viper and visit great friends. The weather cooperated for the most part and the bugs did not get the better of us. Terri and I will definitely be coming out for a visit again and we would encourage others to go and see the “Casa Ted”.

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