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RTTTTed On October - 24 - 2011

                        Langley Cruise-In, 2011




One of the largest car shows in the Pacific Northwest is the BC. Langley Cruise-In. 


As many as 250,000 people have wandered through this Charity Car Show donating money to help Hospital and Children’s Charities.

Sept 9th was the date of the NEW Langley Cruise-In Outdoor Car Show.  There were about 1500 cars and 150,000 people in attendance.  Crowded and hot were apt descriptions of the 2011 show.


I left Anahim Lake and drove the 500miles to Langley to attend this show.  I’d washed my Viper GTS, stripped and then waxed my beast for this.  I’d polished the blower and all the aluminium on my car.  Then I’d detailed it, vacuumed and ‘preened‘ the carpets.   I’d worked on the tune and my car was running great. 


This year’s show the RCMP had decided “No mercy”.  Any ticket violators would be towed.  To make certain that there were no burnouts there were 140 (so goes the rumor) additional ‘ghost cars’ in town doing patrol.  The best burnouts were normally done on Industrial Ave. in front of Tim Horton’s Coffee shop – next door to the Dept. of Motor Vehicles.  There was lots of parking and room to gather in this area.  The intersection at the corner had seen many an 8 sec Street Car smoking wrinkle slicks or Drag Radials out of sight during the many years of the Langley Cruise-In (and sometimes just fun weekends).  This year I was disappointed to see that there were Police Cars parked on both sides of the intersection, in the middle of the road, to prevent the economy being increased by sets of new tires. 


I did hang with Reg Manke, Curtis, Dave, Paul and many other ‘old’ Car Crazies from my long ago Street Racing days.  I parked my 900bhp Viper and wasted none of my money turning rubber into smoke.  Paul Shultz drove up in his 340 powered 66 Barracuda.  We discussed how fast he hoped his blown 440 Duster should go next year.  Since I’d built the frame of the car and ported the heads more than a decade ago I knew that now it had a Roots blower Paul’s car should be insanely quick.


Reg and his wife had a spare room that they let me use when I come to visit and when most people left to go home for the night, we went to Reg’s house.  We talked about the old times and what had been happening lately.  I dragged my laptop out and showed Reg my new pics.  He showed me a couple of his new Car projects and eventually we headed off to our beds.


Saturday morning I was going to meet up with Vlad ( so that he and his crew could install a double set of new HID (High Intensity Discharge headlights) kits into my 2001 Viper GTS.  Then we’d take the freshly waxed (and washed) Viper GTS to the car show as the display for the high tech 5.5amp HID headlights.  At 8:30 am I was at the shop where headlight surgery was to be performed on my Viper.  Yes, I woke them up. 


After wrestling my new HIDs into my headlights and reassembling everything, I asked Vlad to check out my door latch wiring since the driver’s door had quit functioning once I left home.  I pulled the rubber wiring cover over the door to chassis wires and found a broken wire.  Vlad cut a 3” piece of wire and using solder less connectors he attached everything back together; my Door was fixed!  10 am was a little late to be entering the show zone, but we did manage space in a parking spot across the street from the Langley Hotel and Bar.  After getting everything set up Vlad and I enjoyed breakfast across the street from my car. 


Vlad’s crew had brought a tent and a table to display the automotive products that they were selling, which included LED lighting for nearly every automotive light bulb made.  ——— spoke with hundreds of people about the advantages of saving gas and better mileage through the advanced technology of HID and LED lighting.  My Viper was parked under the tent and used to display the white lighting of the HIDs and LEDs that consume much less power and outlast normal incandescent bulbs.  They introduced a new LED product that replaced the interior ‘tube’ bulbs that so many cars used.  It was too bad that we didn’t have more time because I would have liked to have had my Viper converted over to high tech LED lighting systems as well.  Less energy to power the bulbs meant a slight fuel savings, but longer life meant that it would be a rare occasion if I ever got a burned out bulb!  Less energy being used by light bulbs also means more horsepower to move the car!


Vlad, Mike (manager – Budget Quick Oil Changes) and I walked throughout the Cruise-In show and met many people there.  Doug Seal (owner of Willowbrook Chrysler) had brought a 2009 Viper ACR to show off and display behind his friend’s 2005 SRT10 (Viper)  pickup towing a same colored 2001 Yellow RT10 Viper on a yellow trailer.  We spoke to Doug for awhile and Vlad explained to Doug about the HIDs that he’d installed into my GTS.   Doug sells most of the Vipers throughout Western Canada and has the largest Vipers for sale inventory I’ve seen in Canada.  Doug also sometimes buys or gets older Vipers in trade.  Doug had been supporting the WC VCA the entire time I’d been a member.


Bob Slade had turned out in his “Blue Eh” ’93 Dodge Stealth R/T.  Bob usually won trophies for “Bling” with his massively chromed/Polished Turbo powered sparkler.  Bob had disassembled his Stealth R/T and repainted it until it was perfect.  He’d run the original engine until it finally wore out about 210,000mi and then he’d built a Turbo engine with polished  exhaust, valve cover, intake manifold and everything under hood chromed.  I’d met Bob at several Mopar shows when I’d been showing my 92 Stealth R/T TT.  Now we often invite each other to various car shows and photo contests.  I introduced Vlad and they started talking about the advantages of HID and LEDs.  Bob has extensive electronics knowledge and Vlad being an engineer – it didn’t take very long before I couldn’t understand what they were saying anymore.


I finally found Reg at the other end of the show sitting behind his flat black ‘cloned’ 69 GTX.  I went to go buy a Burger and gave up.  It was a new company (“In and Out Burger”) with a display selling burgers.  I found the booth at the end of a long line of people that must have also been starving.  After the show Reg was heading south to Bellingham for Beer and Nachos.  I was heading south of the border as well, but to Seattle. 


The show had been crowded with people when Vlad and I arrived at 10am and more people arrived as the day wore on.  They seemed to fill all of Langley’s streets.  I’m certain that the show was a success, partly because of the cost of commercial displays and the massive amounts of people that attended.  I didn’t hear any great burnouts so I’m sure the “Puritans”, the organizers and the Police feel the show was a success and without incidents as well.  This Sept 9th was the hottest day of the year. 


Vlad and I had a Burger at the Red Robin, then he headed home and I turned south towards Las Vegas and the World’s Fastest Open Road Rally.



                                                                –  end  –


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