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Supercar Dodge Viper site with pictures, technical info, experiential stories with a few other winter action extreme stories posted.

 I was denied acess to hundreds of my friends when CM decided that I had no place in the ‘new’ VCA. 

I’d spent weeks writing articles for Viper Magazine and the last couple feature articles didn’t get published.  So I sent several to  who had published many of my articles.  They requested that I write a short article on Viper Owner’s Invitational 11 which I had attended.  There I had driven the "World’s Fastest Production Car

 Bottlefed/Tim Anglin and I had been internet buddies for years, we met in person at VOI 11 and got along well.  He kind of jokingly said that he’d like to start a 3rd Viper forums to fill in the gap between the 2 available forums.  The Viper Alley was for entertainment and the VCA had become too strict and regulatory with postings.  People complained about vca officers and posts were deleted.  I posted a Generic blurry picture and was banned for life.  I agreed with Tim and we started building a pair of websites; The Viper Garage is because Tim, I and many others wanted a website that was mostly for help and information to the General Viper owners.  We wanted to post as many vendors as possible –  for both their and Viper owner’s benefits. 

On the VCA Illustrated Upgrades there was/is a thread on how to install a "Skip-shift eliminator kit" that costs $49, plus about $20 shipping to Cda and brokerage.  I sent in an Illustrated Upgrade showing which RESISTOR to buy and how to instal it into your elec. harness.  It takes about 12 min including jacking up the car.  The VCA never posted that one.  Instead they left the $49 thread up.  I have no problem with buying parts for $0.20 and selling them for $49, but free enterprize is about choices and my upgrade would have given the DIYers a choice.  You can read MY "How To" on".  We’ll even post the $49 IU if the vendor sends it to us.

We have less rules and are much friendlier to use.  More informative, easier to find specs and technical help when needed.  I started writing "How tos" and we called in some help to build the sites.  Leslie and Phil/Plumcrazy started helping early and Kala/Viprgrl got me started with Viper Nation, which is our ezine ( we accept submissions). 

 I have taken Proffessional Writing and that helped to hone my skills and develop my writing skills.  I am active throughout the Viper world and have friends all over the world.  I have heavily modified my 3 Vipers and spoken and emailed in detail to most of the known Viper Vendors and Tuners.   With this knowledge and the many friends I expect to continue writing articles and stories here for you knowledge and entertainment.

I did build many show cars and full chassis race cars like this ’80 Plymouth Arrow that now goes 6 sec at Mission Raceway, BC. 


My personal interest in cars changes often.  I also am a winer snowmobile fanatic in between Viper projects while snowbound her in Western Canada.

 I have ever written a few stories on that sport.  They are listed under the "Lethal sledding" button.  I ride the most powerful n/a sled built and have done a few modifications to that as well.  I am resisting the urge to instal a Turbo … so far.

I’ve written dozens of articles and feature stories for several magazines and ezines.  I bought a good camera then a better camera and then devoted myself to a GOOD DSLR, an image stabilized long zoom to compliment the T1i Canon and other half dozen lenses I already owned.  Usually when the wife and I go places we take the two DSLRs and take a lot of pics.   From my front yard and all over BC we have unbelievable scenery.  BC is all mountainous.  Our "rolling Hills" are up to 11,000′ high and we have the Pacific Ocean on the west coast.  Most of the stories here have already been published in car magazines and ezines.   I send short versions of these articles and several pics for their publications and will continue to do that for is no longer published by JR Thompson so there won’t be any more VM stories, although I will continue sending stories to  Hot Rods and Classics will also be receipients of articles if I again write on Classic Musclecars.

I decided that people enjoyed my stories and photos so much that I’d start this ezine  (with Tim) to share.    I’ll continue to write and post new stories and pics here. 



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