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Supercar Dodge Viper site with pictures, technical info, experiential stories with a few other winter action extreme stories posted.

I’ve personally been building Mopar cars since I got a driver’s license.  It only took me to my third ‘rag top’ to decide that I didn’t like convertibles because the roofs have a tendency to get slashed and they’re expensive.  I wanted the power of the biggest engine made – but it had to be a Chrylser product.  Chrysler’s were all forged cranks with manganese steel connecting rods.  HP only meant bigger cams, v. springs, better intakes and better exhaust.  Best car parts (such as Hemi 4 speed and Dana 60 rear axles) were only found in Chrysler products.  I started with “Hustle Stuff” and graduated to Direct Connection and that became Mopar Performance.  Kickin’ butt was what I did best.  No race track within 600 miles meant that we had to take our contests to Industrial areas and that was how I grew up.

After several years of fixing everyones cars I realized that my cars weren’t getting fixed because I didn’t have time.  My car was parked outside and my friend’s cars were parked in my garage.  I started charging money and, Voila I had a little money and a little time.  When I bought myself a trailer to get to Seattle, Bremerton, Portland and Woodburn race tracks.  I’d owned about 430 Mopar machines by the time I made it to 36 years old.  I ran a performance and show car shop for 10 years and finally bought a Dump Truck to start making money as people didn’t spend much money on their cars in the old days.  I liked GTXs and owned 7 of them.  Eventually I figured out that modified 440s in ‘A’  bodies (Dart, Duster, Barracuda, Valiant, scamp, etc.) were the best combination for quick times and I “took it to the streets!  I lost 0.1% of my races.

A bad divorce and only 1 rollercabinet moved with me while the rest of my Cars, tools and parts either got sold (I received nothing) or they went up in a mysterious shop fire.  Now, I have 2 supercharged Dodge Vipers, 3 Dodge Stealth R/T TTs, a resto-mod 440 Duster, a 71 Demon 340-4spd, a ’92 Daytona IROC R/T, new Hemi Ram pickup and another 16 various Dodge turbo’d and n/a project and parts cars spread around my yard.  I’ve worked on every car I’ve ever owned and even built myself a full chassis  8 second 440 Plmouth Arrow.


While trying to describe to people the difference between a 318 and a modified 440 I realized that most people assume you’re an idiot or they just don’t “Get It”.  I started writing down different experiences between decent power and the Horrendous power that about 2% of the population is addictged to.  People seemed to understand the written word.  So, I signed up for a University Proffessional Writing Course.  Several years later I graduated and started sending my interesting experiences to newspapers and magazines.  My stories were getting published and I sometimes get asked to write stories for car magazines and I have a standing invitation to write and submit pics to all the various newspapers in my region.  After some stories I found that I was invited to more car shows and events than I could afford to attend.

I’ve written dozens of articles and feature stories for several magazines and ezines.  I bought a good camera, then a better camera and then devoted myself to an expensive GOOD DSLR camera, an image stabilized long zoom to compliment the T1i Canon (now upgraded to a 7D) and other half dozen lenses I already owned.  I bought a remote control so I can take pictures of my own stunts when needed as all my kids have moved away.  Usually when the wife and I go places we take the two DSLRs and take a lot of pics.   From my front yard and all over BC we have unbelievable scenery.  BC is all mountainous.  Our “rolling Hills” are up to 11,000′ high and we have the Pacific Ocean on the west coast.  Next year I was asked to help plan a Viper event when a half dozen Viper owners from Alberta attended “Billy Barker Days” at Quesnel.  They said it was great because there are fantastic Viper roads, Barkerville, Monster Trucks, Street concerts, Gambling Casinos and much more over the weekend.  They felt it needed to be shared with other Viper owners.

I decided that people enjoyed my stories and photos so much that I’d start this ezine  (with Tim) to share my stories.    I’ll continue to write and post stories here.

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