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My Piece of Heaven   by Ted Hlokoff     Ever since I admired the Copperhead Viper Concept Car back in ’89 I’ve had a strong desire to purchase one of these Supercars. At over a hundred thousand the opportunity to own a Viper was beyond my reach.  When side windows, hard top and outside door handles were introduced in ’96 the desire to own one started to become a necessity. To compensate for my financial shortcomings I built a […]

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Ultimate Street Machine by Ted Hlokoff       “Which car is the ULTIMATE Street Machine?”  Ask this question in any crowd of car guys and you’ll get a lot of different answers.  Ask the question in a different group and you’ll get a lot more different answers.  Different ages – different answers again.  A Sport Compact guy will answer with the name of his favorite SC.  To a Musclecar guy, the answer is obviously a Musclecar.  Everyone has a […]

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Viper Jollies In Jasper by Ted Hlokoff   With With two Vipers parked in my garage I really felt a desire to take one out, somewhere, anywhere. After spending thousands of dollars and more than a hundred hours of labor on my recently purchased 2000 Viper ACR, I had an urge to show it off. Attending the Laker’s Car Show last Sunday brought home the First place trophy. Only thing left before selling it was a test drive.                       Trevor Cameron […]

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