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Need A Mechanic – Call A Lawyer   by Ted Hlokoff       I started my trip to Surrey with a bad feeling that something was wrong with my car.  During a second stop to check over my Stealth I noticed that the insides of both back tires showed the cords.  I turned around and started driving the 150kms home.   Bummer, only 18,000kms on my $430 each Toyo Proxies and they’re worn out.  After switching the rear tires […]

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  So,  You Think You Know How To Drive? by Ted Hlokoff   I entered a Viper Club of America “Mountain Climb Rally” at Revelstoke, BC last year and came in second. The event had a 50mph speed limit – speed and you’re disqualified. Really slow speed driving for an 850hp Viper.  Now I’ve entered a VCA Track Day event. I decided that I’d better see how my driving skills are at the track. Well … they need improvement. Not getting […]

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  Viper Coupe or Tofor ‘Smartcar’? by Ted Hlokoff     My favorite North American sports coupe is the Dodge Viper.  Because North America is so large and normal speed limits are 75 mph throughout most of the United States accidents are less likely to happen than in Europe where traffic is all congestion.    Unfortunately, the accidents happen at higher speeds when they do happen.  The Dodge Viper is built to go much faster than 75mph.  The 08 Viper […]

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