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Fastest in Halfmile

Nevada Open Road Challenge 2013 WIN Ted Hlokoff April was homecoming and time to get my supercharged Viper ready to race through the Nevada desert in front of dozens of Corvettes. Another winter had come and gone here in “the Great White North.” ...

CF18 and Viper

Race the Base 2012 with my "backup"  Viper by Ted Hlokoff   After getting a ‘spanking’ from a 1000hp Twin Turbo Viper at the 2010 SSCC/Silver State Classic Challenge Open Road Rally halfmile shootout, I flew to Texas and bought a faster, more powerful ...

IMG_4496 (1024x747)

      Nevada Open Road Challenge Rally 2012 byTed Hlokoff May 20, 2012 was the day 2 new Guiness World Records were set.  World's Fastest Speed On A Public Highway was changed to 247mph and Fastest Average Speed On A Public Highway went from 207 to ...

Mojave Mile

  Mojave Mile Asp Kickin' by Ted Hlokoff   The high deserts of Western United States are home to more than Cacti and Area 51.  California has the Spaceport in Mojave and the Mojave Mile/Mojave Magnum events. ( Friend and fellow Viper owner, Darryl Weflen, ...

Hell’s Gate and Back, in BC

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Hells Gate (2)

Hell’s Gate and Back, in BC by Ted Hlokoff     Although it was a hot summer and many of BC’s forests were burning, Deana and I decided that it was time for a holiday … to Hell’s Gate.  With a Forest Fire burning only 29 miles from our business, Anahim Lake Trading, and a road block at the beginning of Highway 20 telling Tourists not to drive west meant that business was slow.  With red sunsets every night and a […]

Revelstoke Mountain Rally

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Vipers Cruizin the Highways

Revelstoke Mountain Rally by Ted Hlokoff Supercharged madness is sliding up a skinny two lane switch-backed mountain road, and it only took about 15 min for 13 Vipers to slide to the top of Revelstoke Mountain, BC.   My wife Deana and I own and operate Anahim Lake Trading General Store.   I received an email notifying us that the Viper Club was meeting for a weekend Mountain Climb in Revelstoke, BC.  I knew that it was time to try out my new […]

Kelowna Wine Tour, Aug ’09

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Aiming south towads Keremeos

Kelowna Wine Tour, 2009  by Ted Hlokoff   Twisty roads, supercars, sunshine and some of the finest wines in the world came together on August 14th weekend in Kelowna during 2009.  25 of the World’s fastest cars thundered down the highways of the Okanagan Valley for the second consecutive year.  This year the focus was to travel to several of the World Premier Wineries to test their products, the ‘fruits’ of their labors, so to speak.  The drivers noticeably abstained […]

Need A Mechanic – Call A Lawyer

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Stealth R/T Twin Turbo

Need A Mechanic – Call A Lawyer   by Ted Hlokoff       I started my trip to Surrey with a bad feeling that something was wrong with my car.  During a second stop to check over my Stealth I noticed that the insides of both back tires showed the cords.  I turned around and started driving the 150kms home.   Bummer, only 18,000kms on my $430 each Toyo Proxies and they’re worn out.  After switching the rear tires […]

Thunder Throughout Valley of the Sun

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Sun Valley Speedway

Thunder Throughout Valley of the Sun by Ted Hlokoff Dodge Dodge Vipers stormed the back roads of the Okanagan Valley June 20th, 2008 weekend all the way to Sun Valley Speedway, where the day was spent dodging Hemi Orange traffic cones.  Sometimes the Vipers won, and occasionally the cones.  From 450hp to 900hp  outputs, from stock to heavily modified, Vipers left their wide footprints all over the Vernon speedway and most of the Okanagan Valley. Friday night the Grand Kelowna […]

When One Is Not Enough – and other excuses

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More than one

When One Is Not Enough – and other excuses   by Ted Hlokoff     If you owned a Roe Racing supercharged 2001Viper GTS with 750rwhp, then you’d also need an 802rwhp Paxton supercharged 2000 Viper ACR … wouldn’t you?   Even if you think your Macedo Motorsports Viper is the Ultimate Supercar on the road, might a Macedo built Paxton Viper be better?  Running out of modifications to add to my Roe GTS could be considered a reason to buy another?  […]

My Piece of Heaven

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2001 Sapphire/Silver Roe supercharged GTS

My Piece of Heaven   by Ted Hlokoff     Ever since I admired the Copperhead Viper Concept Car back in ’89 I’ve had a strong desire to purchase one of these Supercars. At over a hundred thousand the opportunity to own a Viper was beyond my reach.  When side windows, hard top and outside door handles were introduced in ’96 the desire to own one started to become a necessity. To compensate for my financial shortcomings I built a […]

Ultimate Street Machine

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99 Viper GTS

Ultimate Street Machine by Ted Hlokoff       “Which car is the ULTIMATE Street Machine?”  Ask this question in any crowd of car guys and you’ll get a lot of different answers.  Ask the question in a different group and you’ll get a lot more different answers.  Different ages – different answers again.  A Sport Compact guy will answer with the name of his favorite SC.  To a Musclecar guy, the answer is obviously a Musclecar.  Everyone has a […]

The Strangest GTX

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69 GTX

A friend of mine, Archie Kieswetter, told me of a ’69 GTX that he’d found and being in the same financial situation as me, he decided that he couldn’t afford the measly $200 he’d agreed to pay for it.  He said that since he couldn’t afford it he’d like the #1 Mopar guy to get it.  The Strangest GTX                                                                                            by Ted Hlokoff     My life was at a low point, I was broke and living in my Workshop.  I was […]

Dream Shopping

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1992 Dodge Stealth R/T Twin Turbo

Dream Shopping   by Ted Hlokoff   Ever dreamed of 10 min. free shopping in a Speed Shop?  I know I have, and last week it came true … sort of.   8:45pm, I ran into the garage and looked around.  SS Headers, new bigger Turbochargers, bigger injectors, 3” exhaust pipes, power drills, grinders – everything you could want in your garage.  Brand new performance parts for your car.  A nitrous oxide kit, 5 & 9” grinders and tools that […]

Show Cars In Cowboy Country

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650hp 440 Duster

  Show Cars and Cowboy Country by Ted Hlokoff   First Car Show of the  year in the Chilcotin is the Laker’s  Spring Round-up, May 30th, after all the ranches Cow Branding had been accomplished.  Even after sitting for 6 months the 440 in my Duster fired as soon as fuel got to the carb.  I’d decided that I wanted to sell the Duster to a good home.  I wasn’t having any luck selling my car on the Internet.  The […]

Viper Jollies In Jasper

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Group shot at Magic Lake

Viper Jollies In Jasper by Ted Hlokoff   With With two Vipers parked in my garage I really felt a desire to take one out, somewhere, anywhere. After spending thousands of dollars and more than a hundred hours of labor on my recently purchased 2000 Viper ACR, I had an urge to show it off. Attending the Laker’s Car Show last Sunday brought home the First place trophy. Only thing left before selling it was a test drive.                       Trevor Cameron […]

So, You Think You Know How To Drive?

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Out of corner onto straightaway

  So,  You Think You Know How To Drive? by Ted Hlokoff   I entered a Viper Club of America “Mountain Climb Rally” at Revelstoke, BC last year and came in second. The event had a 50mph speed limit – speed and you’re disqualified. Really slow speed driving for an 850hp Viper.  Now I’ve entered a VCA Track Day event. I decided that I’d better see how my driving skills are at the track. Well … they need improvement. Not getting […]

Viper Coupe vs. Tofor “Smartcar”

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Joe Christopherson with his 2001 Viper ACR

  Viper Coupe or Tofor ‘Smartcar’? by Ted Hlokoff     My favorite North American sports coupe is the Dodge Viper.  Because North America is so large and normal speed limits are 75 mph throughout most of the United States accidents are less likely to happen than in Europe where traffic is all congestion.    Unfortunately, the accidents happen at higher speeds when they do happen.  The Dodge Viper is built to go much faster than 75mph.  The 08 Viper […]

Welcome to Viper Nation

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Ted after driving Nurburgring ACR

The purposes of this webpage are for education and entertainment.  Mainly centered on Viper information and stories doesn’t mean that some of the experiences and knowledge learned from and with other cars is different.  If you have a good story or feature article to submit for publication, please email it to me and perhaps we may all share your experiences. Some of these stories and articles are just fun experiences and other contain driving tip and or power and parts upgrades […]

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